Reinforcement for bituminous membranes

Texbond R 50 is an ultra-light staple polyester nonwoven (50 g/m2) reinforced with glass filaments in machine direction.
Unique in the market of bituminous membrane reinforcements, this lightweight product represents the ideal solution for light waterproof membranes and for replacing other types of reinforcements, such as glass, paper and jute, offering membranes of superior quality and performance.
The combination of the flexibility of polyester with the stability of glass not only allows excellent runnability of the nonwoven, especially at high temperatures and when used on high-speed bitumen lines, but also gives the bituminous membrane outstanding dimensional stability and resistance over time.


Versions Characteristics
Texbond R50 Weight g/m²
ISO 9073-1
Thickness mm
ISO 9073-2
50 50 0,60
  • Long duration
  • High flexibility
  • Good elongation at break (> 20%)
  • Easy impregnation
  • High resistance to stress/strain cycles
  • High resistance to static punching
  • Good thermal stability
  • Ease of use with high-viscosity compounds (SBS / APP)

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