Freudenberg Politex presents “The green soul of the city”

Fiera Milano, Rho
5-8 October 2011
Pav. 4, Booth N23 - P20

For Freudenberg Politex "Cities have a soul" and at MADE Expo, the International building exhibition in Milan, the Group will demonstrate how the soul of the city can be green, in principle as well as in reality.anima_verde_citta_en.JPG

Visitors of the booth will be able to see the green city live, built with Ecozero, thermal-acoustic insulation panels. Made of polyester recycled from post-consume PET bottle, the city will be built on a bed of flakes, the multicolored chips obtained from bottles washing, which are then transformed into polyester fiber, absolutely non-toxic and environmental friendly.

Freudenberg Politex is the major manufacturer of products in Europe for the construction industry made by recycling those plastics bottles we throw away every day in the waste containers. And at MADE Expo the Group will explain how in our Italian sites over 1 billion bottles per year are transformed into panels for thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings. But how many bottles do we need to manufacture one panel of Ecozero? Visitors of the stand will be able to read on bottles of water the answer to this interesting question.

And there is more: not only does Freudenberg Politex help the environment with its recycling processes, but the downstream use of Ecozero panels for thermal insulation of walls and rooftops makes energy efficient buildings, what contributes further to the reduction of environmental impacts.

The green soul of the city is Ecozero, green in principle as well as green in reality.

Novedrate, October 2011